Beautifying the Border

DOMO Beautifying the USA Mexico Border

DOMO Architecture + Design is proposing a Sustainable Natural Border design solution between the US and Mexico that allows for minimal visual impact between countries and their landscapes.

Inspired by natural border conditions, we recognize the design potential opportunity for a more balanced and positive approach.

By removing the idea of a wall or a fence, we remove the negative social, cultural, and physical connotations associated with visual and physical barriers. As stewards of the land, our proposal is sustainable, and aims to blend into nature while maintaining functionality.

Our design is envisioned to be fully sustainable by using an estimated 750,000 surplus shipping containers, incorporating recycling content, placed in various modular configurations to develop natural land formations that will blend into the natural scenic beauty of the region.

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DOMO Beautiful Border Wall Coast

Border Wall Public Space Mexico USA

USA Mexico Border Desert Wall

USA Mexico Border Field Wall

DOMO Beautiful USA Mexico Border Wall Vision

Sustainable Border Wall Containers Diagram DOMO

Border Wall Beautiful DOMO USA Mexico Diagrams

Border Wall Beautiful DOMO USA Mexico Diagrams

Bad Border Wall

Bad Border Wall

Bad Border Wall